Land ownership tokens – lots represent real value
( food )

The world of Bitcoin …

By now everybody has heard about Bitcoin, the first crypto-currency, a means of:
– exchange, speculation,
– digitally storing value,
– liberation from the monopoly over currencies by banks and governments

– enabling exchanges all over the planet, even with only a smartphone.

Bitcoin is backed by… well nothing really, analogous to the Dollar and the Euro. Those are just promises, backed by the trust (=fiat) in government.
Improvement is that at least Bitcoin cannot be printed out of thin air like the dollar.

New to the crypto-space?
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… now backed by land and her produce

Our Land Ownership Token (LOT) will be like Bitcoin. With two important differences:
– LOT represents true (edible!) value in the real world, namely land with sustainable food production.
– it will not use extra electricity because the blockchain that powers it makes use of Proof of Stake (so no mining) on computers that are already doing something else.

Starting point and underlying asset is the land in Brazil that the founders donated.
When you invest a few dollars, you crowdfund the next purchase of land that needs to be taken care of. And you acquire real securities for your future. Plus you will be able to trade the little shares all over the world 24/7.

Advantage of cryptos

Normally it would be impossible to launch a starting business on a stock market. You must have millions in assets, need to exist at least 3 years, and have to pay expensive mediators.

Cryptos are the new means of public funding for innovative ideas, a crowdfunding that potentially gives returns to the investor.

The ownership of ‘cryptos’ is immutably openly registered in a digital public ledger. In this case it is ownership of little parts of farmland.

How many LOTs exist?


The Landownership Token wants to express that our planet is finite and needs to be shared, therefore at any given moment there will be as many LOTs as there are people on the planet.

In cryto-language:  at the launch it is pre-mined, but it will be also ‘mine-able’ by the public:  if you make love and another human being is created, there has to be created one more LOT to symbolically feed that child.

You can be in it for the money

We are no charity., we are not dependent on donations. We are a business that has ideals, and has success because of these ideals.

If participants do not share these ideals, and are simply in it for the money, that’s fine, it still helps the good cause.

The farmers that manage your land will be audited by independent idealistic organizations under strict guidelines for regenerative farming.

Let’s enrich the planet

The share-value logically rises with the fertility of the land and with the growing surface per share. This forms the incentive for consumers to join and farmers to make the transition. With the profits of the harvests and revenues of agro-turism KORPOS buys more degraded land to regenerate.

Foot by foot, meter by meter, We The People of The Earth – you and I Token-holders – can reconquer our Planet together, by acquiring ownership rights, stopping the destruction.


Avocado and other fruits: with license from Elegant Themes

through Pixabay under creative commons:
Landscape Sabine Schwoaze from Austria, accessed May 2018
World map Vector Open ClipArt, Great Brittain. accessed May 29, 2018










Property that suits the way you live

You know that fertile land is becoming scarce, so it might be a good idea to own some for your future or that of your children.

But you wouldn’t have time to visit the land and take care of it. When you need extra money, you want to be able to sell it immediately, without having to go to the notary and register the change.

So you choose to safely
– leave the land in our (green) hands
– register the ownership on the blockchain
– buy and sell through exchanges.

Detailed Explanation

For your due diligence !


Klaus Stebani, Full Moon, Bayern Germany. Through Pixabay





Inactive account ID 12019, Africa, desert landscape
Through Pixabay, under creative commons
downloaded 14. July 2018

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