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When you subscribe to our newsletter, a connection is made to our email marketing provider, Sendinblue. They will automatically save your email-address on a list at their server.

Sendinblue is based in Europe and is compliant to the strict European laws. Only the KORPOS-team and the helpdesk of SendinBlue can see your address, and only after login.

Next step is that you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to click, stating that you are not a robot and truly wish to receive messages from us.

You can unsubscribe from this list any time, no questions asked. Click the link in the welcome/ confirmation email and in our newsletter, always below in the middle.

Usually companies ask your name to be able to send you emails pretending to know you. They even dare to ask date of birth and gender etc. This is a selling technique to entice you to get involved. In our opinion it has a fake feel to it. Plus we think anonymity on the internet is important. So we do not ask your data, only an email-address.

Which cookies do we use?

Social media buttons

The ‘share’ and ‘like’ buttons of social media are cookies. Visitors with accounts on these platforms (facebook, twitter, etc), may be tracked by these third parties, even while ignoring their buttons.
These risks go beyond our reach.

Statistics of the website’s success

To learn which parts of the website are less successful and need improvement, we observe how pages and posts are frequented. 
To study in what languages we need to translate this site, we register IP-addresses that show the country from which you surf.

Embedding of Youtube videos

This enables you to watch videos without having to leave this website.

Affiliate links

When we are passionate about a problem, we tell the world through an affiliate link. Only if you click on that link the product-software will remember that your click came through our site. In this way, we will be able to earn a percentage if eventually you would buy the product.

WordPress session cookies

The site is powered by WordPress. WP uses session cookies (PHPsessid) to connect your browser to our server. We assume one of their main goals is that you can return to a previous page within the site without reloading all the time. There are also functionalities in the cookies like how often to update the page during the session and even in between your visits. So WordPress remembers somehow your visits to websites. We set the limit to one month wherever we could..

Which cookies we DON’T use?


Latte Macciato by Silvia & Frank Pixel 2013 from Germany. Accessed through Pixabay January 17, 2019

We do NOT remember your preferences in order to offer advertizing.

We do NOT gather your data to sell to third parties! In our opinion this is very morally wrong.

How to stop nasty cookies

There always is the possibility to delete cookies in your browser after you visited sites. See this link for instructions.

But it is easier to install software that automatically disables cookies wherever you surf. We personally  have good experience with Ghostery. You can white-list your favorite websites as trustworthy. Ghostery is FREE of charge.

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