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The following pioneers give hope and know how. They dared to experiment against all odds, proving that mimicking nature has far better results than the usual land management.
At the end some info about why crypto-currencies and Block-chain are empowering individuals all over the globe.

Sahel: the man who stopped the desert

Drought nor war could stop him. He provided for his family and planted trees.

India: 1 man, 1 tree every day

The resulting forest now prevents floods and droughts. Wildlife returned

Jordan, 2 km of the Dead Sea: Greening the salty desert

Harvesting every raindrop with mulched dams and with swales (water retention canals) on contour. Geoff Lawton, permaculture.

Brazil: Life in Syntropy

How to establlish a food forest in only 6 years, economically viable in the 1st year.

Brazil: da Toca Farm

Organic farm transitioning to agro-forestry. Provides work, food, schooling, housing for 150 families,

China: Loess Plateau

Filmmaker John D. Liu shows the succesfull re-fertilisation of an area as big as the Netherlands.

Solving desertification AND climate change, fast and possible

by mimicking the large herds of herbivores that forever roamed the planes. Ecologist Allan Savory explains in a Ted talk

Australia: soil condition drives global climate!

If 1/5 of arable land would be managed by regenerative farmers, we would soon stabilize the global climate. Lecture of Micro-biologist Walter Jehne.

US: Under Cover Farmers

Large scale farmers in transition for economic reasons: mixed cover crops bring more yield, so no till, no fertilizers already for 30 – 40 yrs. Trailer

Permaculture Design

Outline of the general principles of permaculture. Can be done on any scale, from backyard to family farm. Geoff Lawton explains.

China: private company regenerating deserts

Look what happens when a private business gets universities and government to cooperate. Stunning results within 6 months.


And now for something completely different …. cryptocurrencies !

Cryptos for the 'un-banked'

Cryptographer Charles Hoskinson explains why the crypto-world is important for billions of people in the third world.

How the blockchain is changing money and business

Don Tapscott explains calmly and clearly how the blockchain will revolutionize everything

The Bitcoin Revolution

An hour+ documentary of Mike Maloney for in-depth understanding of cryptos. Episode 8 of The Hidden Secrets of Money .

Cryptocurrencies contra neo-colonialism

Andreas Antonopoulos explains the idealistic side of cryptos. Who needs them.? You may want to skip the first 6 min intro to save time.

Bitcoin: Opportunity for South-America

Andreas Antonopoulos about the history of money and the opportunities bitcoin offers for Brazil and other emerging markets. Sao Paulo 2016

Portuguese subtitles

Blockchain, Bitcoin, etc.: Separando a Realidade do Exagero

Lecture in Portuguese by Jeroen van de Graaf, professor of cryptography at UFMG. April 2018.

A millennial's view on cryptos

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are preventing wars and dictatorships. This episode of the ‘Ivan on Tech’ show – July 15, 2018 – was more contemplative than usual. Every morning 8 am live from Sweden.

Burkina Faso, Sahel, Africa

The Man Who Stopped The Desert,
Yacouba Sawadogo.

Zaï method

7 min watch, an extended version of the original trailer by 1080 films, published Oct 19,2010. This video right here shows the technique. Plus an interview with Mr. Sawadogo, July 2017

“Yacouba single-handedly has had more impact on soil and water conservation in the Sahel, than all national and international researchers combined.”

Dr. Chris Reij, Vrije University Amsterdam, Senior Fellow World Research Institute

India – The man who planted one tree every day for 37 years.

Here he is standing next to his first tree.

His masterpiece is now 1360 acres (550 ha) of dense forest. 115 elephants returned to live there.

Jadav Payeng has stopped the extremes, droughts and floods, on micro-climate level in the middle of a barren wasteland in Assam, Majuli Island.
Published Oct 13, 2017 by 101 India

2,5 minutes watch.

Jordan – desolate salty desert

50 degrees in summer, 2 km from the Dead Sea.

With basic permaculture principles, Geoff Lawton turned 10 acres (4 ha) into a productive oasis.

Clip from DVD ‘Harvesting Water the Permaculture Way’

8 minutes watch

Brazil, Bahia – Life in Syntropy     Ernst Götsch

(you might have seen it already through our homepage) 15 min. watch

Published Dec 2, 2015 by Agenda Götsch

Brazil – Fazenda da Toca    5 min.watch

Published Aug 15, 2015 by Agenda Götsch

Refertilisation of the enormous Loess Plateau in China

Initiated by government & scientists.
Excerpt from Hope In A Changing Climate, John D. Liu

7 min.watch

Excerpt from a famous documentary that shows what can be done for agricultural land when a government really wants to change something for the good. The method was earthworks, keeping livestock out, and a lot of planting. Streams of water and fertility of the lands returned.
And it shows a minute or two about a sympathetic project in Ethiopia.

Original film published in 2009, made by John D. Liu

Desertification threatens too much surface,
there is too much work to do, so let grazers grow grasslands

22 min.watch

For millions of years there were enormous herds of wild herbivores roaming the planes. They did not cause desertification. Last century ecologists thought that overgrazing was the cause of desertification. But to his surprise ecologist Allan Savory found out that when you double or quadruple the livestock numbers and let them roam like the large herds used to do, vegetation, rivers and wildlife return!
An explanation of this very counter-intuitive fact, important to combat climate-change.

Ted Talk Feb 2013, Long Beach California

Want to see more before and after pictures?

See this lecture of Allan Savory at the University of Tufts, Jan 25, 2013. Examples of Grassland Restoration. 13 min. watch

Note: this method does not need machinery nor fertilizers. Therefore you will not find news about Holistic Management Grazing in farmers’ journals: their advertisers wouldn’t be content.

Want to dive deeper?

Getting to know the differences between Holistic Management Grazing, Mob Grazing, Rotational Grazing?
Search the following names for example:
Andre Voisin – Grass productivity, Jim Gerrish, Jerry Brunetti – Farm as Ecosystem, Darren Doherty, Ian Mitchell-Innes, Joel Salatin, Gabe Brown, Ed Swope, Greg Judy, dr. Temple Grandin

Soil biologist Walter Jehne

Restoring Water Cycles to Reverse Global Warming, 23 min

conference October 16th-18th, 2015 at Tufts University.
An introduction to his lecture about the Natural History of Water on Earth

A healthy soil, protected by growing plants, can save us from the extremes of climate. It sequesters CO2 and breaks down methane. But most of all it cools the micro-climate, which has an enormous effect on the macro-climate. So as quickly as possible we must re-green the surface of the landmass.

Large Farms in Transition

A group of soy bean, cotton and corn farmers in the US started in the late 60’s to not till their land anymore, and always have living roots of a variety of cover crops in the soil. As a result, the cash crops give far better yields than at the neighbors who still are using fertilizers.

Note: Unfortunately some of them still use herbicides, but most of them have re-designed their machinery : flatten the mature cover crops at the front, while seeding the cash crop at the rear end. Some fields are so large, that they have to seed everything by plane.

'Under Cover Farmers'

Location: Stanly County, NC, USA, Sep 2011

trailer 5 min watch

Want to dive into this?
Then see the feature video of 28 minutes on youtube 
The USDA wrote an appealing webpage about these methods in August 2018

Design Principles of Permaculture

In Australia they have some years so much drought that villages are cut off from the water supply. People are not allowed to pump water for their gardens of course.
But at the permaculture farm, originally designed by Bill Mollison, they always have an oversupply uphill, to irrigate the crops by gravity. This is no luck, it is by design. You can learn it as well.

video by permaculture.net Oct 2, 2013

Private company LION in China implements smart solutions

The video is a bit chaotic, but it does give an impression how fast problems can be solved when private companies work for profit, but also for a green cause. The result: profitable farming in a desert in half a year! And to the advantage of local people.

cgtn.com/america China Global Television Network, The World Today, Oct 2017 (?)

Their Mission

Return sustainable productivity to all areas that are affected by desertification (for man and nature). That is 25% of China’s territory!

Having an Impact

In the past 5 years 10 million hectares desert are won back for agriculture and wildlife. They used to increase with 10.000 square kilometer annually. Now it shrinks by 2.400 kilometers per year.

Company Culture

They cooperate closely with the local people, universities and government officials.  But because it is a private company, you can make decisions fast and get things done.

Billions of people have no documents, no land rights, no acces to credit
Cryptos offer identity and whole banks through their phones
Charles Hoskinson Tedx Talk, Dec 4, 2014 Bermuda

14 min.watch

How the blockchain is changing money and business
Calmly explained by Don Tapscott
Ted Talk, Sep 16, 2016

19 min.watch

The Bitcoin Revolution.
Episode 8 in the series ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ (highly recommended!)
Mike Maloney documentary, published Dec 18, 2017

1:15′ min.watch

Globalization is Financial Colonialism by Multinational Corporations.
Crypto-currencies offer individuals a way out. June 16, 2018.
Andreas Antonopoulos

37 min.watch (first 6 min intro)

To put the phenomenon of cryptos into perspective: about the history of money and why cryptos offer opportunity to emerging markets.
Sao Paulo, 2018.
Andreas Antonopoulos

30 min.watch (53″ incl. Q&A)

Portuguese Subtitles

For Portuguese speakers! “Blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins, etc.: Separando a Realidade do Exagero”.
Jeroen van de Graaf, Professor no Departamento de Ciéncia da Computação, UFMG. April 2018.

Clear introduction into crypto-currencies in Brazilian Portuguese.
By our friend, Dutch professor Jeroen van de Graaf, who teaches cryptography.
Bio-detail: his tutor for 1,5 years was David Chaum, one of the conceptual predecessors of Satoshi Nakamoto

1’25” lecture (directly on youtube)

A Millennial’s view on the importance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
‘Ivan on Tech Show’, July 15, 2018
Ivan Liljeqvist (every morning 8am live from Stockholm).

27” min.watch


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