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I would like to delve into this new internet of value/ the crypto-world. Where to start?

On our video-page you can watch introductory explanations.  We can recommend the books and videos of Andreas Antonopoulos.
Then when you understand the basics, you can watch daily news at  Ivan on Tech from Sweden and The Modern Investor  from Germany.  But there are more youtubers worthwhile: Boxmining, Crypto Daily (Humor), Datadash, CNBC South Africa features a balanced news program.  And Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser are the most outspoken critics of the status quo in the Keiser Report. They adviced to invest in Bitcoin when it was 4 dollars only. To see the rate of today: coinmarketcap.

When will the Land Ownership Token launch?

We hope and expect in Q3 of next year. Everything must function perfectly beforehand: a digital wallet, smart contracts, the existence on the ledger (Blockchain or tangle/ hashgraph) etc. Also we must wait for exchanges to accept us. And we need to wait for regulations about crypto-securities to become more clear.

I am new to the crypto-world and have no clue how to buy cryptos, like LOT. Can’t I simply join directly, like in a crowdfunding or pre-sale?

We are researching right now how this could become possible. Before any LOT can be sold through exchanges or crowdfunding platforms, we must obtain a license from the Dutch Financial Authorities.  We are writing the obliged prospectus right now.
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Are you a NGO, a charity?

No, we are a company with a related foundation. But all the team members are volunteers at the moment. During these early years we do not take any salary. The founders put their savings in, acquired in a lifetime of hard work. We care about long-term success of the project over short-term gains, therefore every dollar that comes in will be used to plant trees and recuperate the soil. It is our striving to eventually make the food forests commercially viable, making profits for our investors, while keeping the strict ecological and ethical principles.

Specific Questions – Answers will follow soon

About the Land Ownership Token LOT (financial participation)

Token or coin? Stock/ security/ share or utility? which public ledger – blockchain? Amount of tokens in circulation? pre-sale? allocation and airdrops?.softcap, hardcap? which crypto-exchange? revenue, profit, dividends? taxes?

About Food Forests and other regenerative methods

How much yield does it give in comparison to conventional agriculture? Is livestock necessary?
Where are you operating?

About Joining our Movement (participation in person)

What are the conditions to apply for a:
– Study-internship?
– Sabbatical?
– Work-holiday?
– Food Forest Farmer?
What are the practical preparations?

About Our Company, the Foundation and the philosophy of the mission

Division of tasks between the company and the foundation?
Are you a charity, a NGO? What does the name KORPOS mean?
Does the company have debts?
Do you want to build a socialist utopia?
How can I believe you? How do you guarantee the good causes?
Where do the profits from the harvests go to?


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Inactive account ID 12019, Africa, desert landscape
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